The COVID pandemic has been a difficult time for many of us, so I am offering my premium video streaming package for 30% off. This means you can book a premium streaming package for only $200 more than what the standard package normally would be. This promotion will continue until we reach Level 1. 



-Planning & consultation
-Ceremony coverage up to 1 hour
-1 Video Camera 
-1 Wireless Microphone
-Personalized Invitation Page 
-Password-protected Live Stream URL
-Downloadable HD footage within 48 hours
-Fully edited video available for $450




-Planning & consultation
-Ceremony coverage up to 2 hours
-Pre-streaming media device
-2 Video Cameras
-2 Wireless Microphones
-Personalized Invitation Page with slideshow
-Password-protected Live Stream URL
-Downloadable HD footage within 24 hours
-Fully edited video available for $450


  • Two Stationary Cameras

  • One Media Device

  • 2-hour Coverage

dual audio coverage

  • Two Audio Sources

  • Flexible setup


  • Password Protected URL

  • Custom Invitation Page with slideshow

hd footage

  • Downloadable HD Footage within 24 hours

Your wedding should be one of your most memorable days, but COVID has made it more stressful than it should be. The reality of not being able to share your wedding day with everyone and having to pick and choose who attends the wedding due to crowd restrictions can be devastating.

As a photographer/videographer, I asked myself, "How can I help couples who don't have the budget or options to share their wedding with others?"

This question prompted me to offer this discounted wedding live stream package. I can't imagine having to plan a wedding and go through the stress that COVID brings to the situation. So, I encourage you to send me a message about your wedding, and I will do everything I can to create a memorable wedding live stream for you, your family, and guests. Most importantly, I will do my best to match the budget you have set aside. 

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