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Timeless moments to cherish for a lifetime.


Why Me?

Stunning and UNIQUE photography.

Creating lasting relationships.

Giving my ALL.

I could try to convince you to hire me based on all my photography accolades and experience, but I believe what makes a great photographer comes down to personality and the relationships created. 


I'm passionate about photography and like to go ALL IN on whatever session I'm assigned. Whether it be a quick one-hour shoot or an all day affair, you have my full attention and creative eye.

But amazing photography is not just about being able to take a picture. In fact, I would say half the work of a photographer is being able to create a genuine relationship with the person in front of the camera. After all, if you're not comfortable with the photographer, how will you be comfortable in front of the camera? I want to get to know YOU personally - your personality, what moves you, what inspires you, what are the passions of your heart? By knowing this, I can create a customized photoshoot that is UNIQUE to you. And in that process, we will get to know each other to the point of feeling like friends who just had a reunion after a long time apart.

So drop me a line and let's get to know each other and start that relationship. 


"Our wedding photos turned out amazing. We are so grateful we hired JWY Photography for our wedding."


My Journey


pursue the PASSIONS of your heart.

I've always been drawn to storytelling, so naturally, photography and film has always been something I love. However, like many others drawn to the arts, I had a fear of the unknown. Could I really make a living as a photographer? No matter what stage of life we're in, we're all faced with this question. How will I be able to have kids AND continue my career? Will I really be able to spend the rest of my life with my partner? Will I be a good parent? But then when you come home from a long day at work and hold your kids in your arms and see their vibrant smiles or embrace your partner with a passionate kiss and look deep into their eyes, you know it was all worth it and you would do it all over again, and again, AND again.

You see, that's what it's like for me when I hold my camera in my hands.

At some point in your life, you reach a crossroad where you have to make a difficult decision. Do I choose another career path where I have to start from scratch, but I'm doing something I'm passionate about? What if I'm not successful? It's not an easy decision, and it's different for each person. For me, that decision was leaving the corporate world and jumping into the world of photography and film. I made that difficult decision more than eight years ago, and although it hasn't always been smooth sailing, I know deep in my heart that it was the right choice to make and all the sacrifices have been worth it. You only live once and I wanted to pursue the passions of my heart and look back with no regrets. I would rather fail miserably at photography, rather than looking back one day and wondering what if...

Since that time, I've had the pleasure of working with over 300 couples from all over the world. I started my photography career in the lively, bustling, city of Seoul, Korea, with a focus on eloping travelers. I had no idea that Korea was such an international hotspot for couples and business was booming! However, just like many freelancers, when covid19 hit, it decimated my business and I was left to carefully reflect and evaluate which direction to go. I'm sure many of us can relate to this in some way. I grew up in the US (Seattle), and my wife grew up and studied in Auckland. We were torn about where the next chapter in our lives would begin, but alas, in the end, the green pastures and majestic nature of beautiful New Zealand was calling us.


When I arrived in New Zealand, I was faced with the same dilemma I faced when I first started photography, except this time it felt even more daunting. Could I really make ends meet now that I had three kids? Combine that with an insane level of inflation and skyrocketing house prices in the midst of a global pandemic and it probably seems like pure insanity to choose photography all over again...but yet, here I am, sharing my story with you and beginning this next chapter of my photography journey...


So join me! Let's have some fun and create memories that will last a lifetime.


What are you waiting for?
Let's make some magic together.

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